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This exhibition is born from the interest that arises in Nicoleta through numerous encounters between her camera and her models, real people whom she has been able to portray beyond their masks, showing them as they are without any fear. Moreover, this permanent search had led her to discover the essence of fear in nature itself, in places, atmospheres and environments that she found 

fascinating. This journey has taken her to a conclusion: no matter how and where, fear can always creep into the depths of our being like an invisible shadow that we only perceive too late when we have already fallen into its illusion.

Fear with its thousand forms, deceives us, traps us and that is why Nicoleta portrays it through her photographs as the capital sin of man. Sin

is the disconnection from the truth and fear is its shadow that does not let us see life within a true consciousness, in 

the here and now. It always leads us to the pain of a distorted past and the uncertainty of a threatening future.

In the wolf's mouth” is an allegory, linked to the artist whose surname, Lupu means wolf. As catastrophic as this title may sound, Nicoleta

maintains an optimistic tone that vibrates behind each of her striking photographs.

The photographs in the exhibition were taken over the last 10 years in various countries, including India, England, Spain, Romania, Portugal and the United States.

Iñigo Galiano, director Michael Chekov Studio London

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