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From a very young age, Nicoleta Lupu has shown a clear interest in the perpetual internal conflicts that determine the life of the human being. Her photographs reflect the search, the losses and the encounters of a path towards the meaning of our existence, a meaning that is capable of filling the existential void that seems to never cease to subjugate us.

The protagonists who trace the geography of this path are actors, dancers, painters, models, opera singers, athletes... captured in a series of photographs to express the ephemeral and eternal of their struggle. A struggle for the search of their own connection, identity or happiness, which is fought in the incessant need not to get lost in the abysses of the mind. Through the photographs we intuit the lie of a vicious circle, of a powerful and hidden drug, which in the form of people, acquisitions, substances or false reflections of who we think we are, robs and cowers us. And in a myriad of contradictions, we seek salvation in our lovers, idols or statuses, which take us away from our deepest selves.

The photographs that shape the exhibition, seek to capture the reflection in the human body of the struggles caused by a confused, complicated mind, which goes against itself guided by the fear of living with authenticity. A vital process that touches universal aspects and leads to a great discovery that will mark the first traces of the path towards a state of serenity and freedom. A unique journey for each one, that does not understand formulas, nor recipes, but that in the end manages to detach itself from thoughts, from external circumstances, that like clouds, transform and draw the aspect of a sky, that in essence remains constant and serene.

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